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Generic Drugs vs Branded Drugs - What is the Difference?

Medications are broadly classified into two prime categories Generic and Branded. While branded drugs, also known as 'Innovator Drugs', are highly in demand, many are still skeptical about using generic medications. Probably, they think that generics are poor in quality with no majorhealth benefits. It is absolutely wrong perception. In fact, generics are no different than branded drugs in terms of quality, effect and composition.


The US Food and Drug Administration has givenits green nod to many generic medications only when the agency got convinced of their reliability and strength. Generic and branded drugs are made up of identical ingredients and treat medical conditions in similar way. Generic drugs carries same amount of salts and formulas as that of branded drugs.


Generic and Innovator drugs leave similar effects on human body within same duration of time. If a branded medication takes an hour to improve symptoms, then the generic drugs will give expected results in the same time. Generics take longer to work is a belief that has no significant grounds.

The only difference is Price

Generic medications are cheaper and affordable as compared to branded medications that may blow a hole in your pocket. Companies manufacturing generics do not have to bear the cost of research, new chemical entities and other expenses. Due to low production costs involved, they are priced relatively low and thus, fit into everyone's budget.


    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Aciphex 20mg x 120 pills   Aciphex 20mg x 120 pills   $121.00  Buy Now 
 Aciphex 20mg x 240 pills   Aciphex 20mg x 240 pills   $207.75  Buy Now 
 Aciphex 20mg x 60 pills   Aciphex 20mg x 60 pills   $60.50  Buy Now 
 Aciphex 20mg x 690 pills   Aciphex 20mg x 690 pills   $574.75  Buy Now 
 Aciphex 20mg x 90 pills   Aciphex 20mg x 90 pills   $90.50  Buy Now 

 What Is Aciphex?
Aciphex is the brand name for the medicine rabeprazole and it is known by this name in United States. This is an anti-ulcer drug and is used to treat different acidic conditions. Benign tumors which are non-cancerous can also be treated with the help of aciphex medication. Therefore patients can take aciphex for these kinds of conditions.

Generic Aciphex:

The generic aciphex is actually aciphex rabeprazole which is a proton pump inhibitor. This rabeprazole generic is used for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease and related symptoms like heartburn. Apart from this, the rabeprazole drug of aciphex is also prescribed for giving relief from different kinds of inflammation caused due to duodenal ulcers, inflammation in the esophagus as well as the treatment Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. The aciphex generic works by creating a block in the production of the acids of the stomach.

Rabeprazole Sodium
This is white to yellowish medicine which is soluble in water and methanol. Since it repiadly degrades in acid media, it proves to be effective.

Side Effects Of Aciphex
The side effects aciphex are rarely mild and do not cause any serious conditions. Some of the wrong effects of aciphex that has been clinically tested include vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, nausea, skin eruption and slight headache. These rabeprazole side effects are not much harmful as a result you can take these medicines at times even without aciphex prescription. However, in that case, you would have to find out some good dealers who can provide you the generic drug for aciphex.

Aciphex Cost
There are different doses of aciphex like aciphex 20 mg and the number of pills and based on that the aciphex cost varies accordingly. The cost is not much but if you go for online purchase of aciphex online, you can expect to get aciphex rebate. This in turn would definitely help you to save a lot.

Aciphex Online- Know Before You Buy:
The aciphex medicine is sensitive and so when you plan to buy Aciphex Online, you must know about it properly. If you buy from illegitimate and unscrupulous online dealers, the aciphex drug can prove to be quite expensive. Therefore if you want to go for cheap aciphex, you should look for authentic dealers so that you can get it at the right price. You can buy aciphex from www aciphex com. If you buy aciphex online from this site, you can be assured that you would get quality products at reasonable rates. www aciphex in fact is a reliable, licensed and authentic site.

Moreover, if you want to take aciphex with out a prescription, you would get it from here and you would not have to be worried at all about the quality of the drug aciphex. Therefore, if you think that you are suffering from any of these problems, without any worries you can take aciphex like rabeprazole 20 mg. Medication aciphex would definitely benefit you and give you relief from these problems. Just make sure that you take the right dosage of the aciphex 20 for getting effective results.

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