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What is Clarinex?

Clarinex comes in a group of antihistamines that fights with rhinitis allergies in the body
Clarinex helps in reduction of the effect of those natural chemicals caused from histamines in the body Due to these histamines the symptoms of sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and itching kind of problems ascend.
Clariex used in the treatment of sneezing, and such seasonal allergies. Clarinex is also used to fight with hives and chronic skin reactions
Clarinex blocks the creation of histamines or that natural substance that a body produces during an allergic reaction

Important information that need to be kept in mind before taking Clarinex Reditabs

  • Avoid taking Clarinex if you are allergic to its related drugs like Desloratadine or Clarintin
  • Inform your doctor about your medical condition such as kidney or liver disorder before taking treatment of Clarinex
  • Clarinex should be given to a child below to age 2 years only after doctor’s approval.
  • Clarinex RediTAbs has phenylalanine, inform your doctor if you are suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU)
  • Before taking Clarinex d 24 hour please check all directions carefully

Pregnancy and breastfeeding warnings

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Clarinex comes in the pregnancy category C. A pregnant woman should not take Clarinex without consulting your health care provider. However, clarinex has not shown any evidence of harmful to fetus but prescription is required from doctor.
Clarinex drug passes into breast milk, stop the drug or do not feed the baby. Consult your doctor for more medical help
Clarinex dosage for adults above the age of 18 years should be taken as per doctor’s recommendation.

How to use Clarinex oral tablets?

Clarinex D 24 medications should be taken as recommended by your health care provider. Do not increase or descrase the dosage of drug on your own. Strictly follow the instructions prescribed by your doctor or on the label.
Clarinex d generic should be taken one per day or as prescribed by your health care provider.
Clarinex generic should be swallowed once with water, do not chew or crush it.

Steps of taking desloratadine orally disintegrating pills

  • The drug comes in a blister pack, do not open it until you are ready to take the  tablet. Take out the pill softly without damaging
  • Before taking it out from the blister pack, dry your hands and directly keep the drug on tongue. As it is a very soft tabs and dissolve very soon if you use wet hands
  • It will dissolve in your mouth instantly, do not chew it
  • Take a glass full of water with it
  • Gently store the medicine at room temperature away from direct sunlight and moisture

Clarinex Syrup

Clarinex also available in liquid suspension. The correct dosage of Calrinex should be measured with the special measuring cup comes with the drug. If you didn’t get one, ask from your pharmacist.

Steps for taking Clarinex liquid suspension:

Clarinex bottle should be precautionary used. Open the cap of the bottle gently

  • Wash your hands before touching the drug, unless you will get contaminated with other diseases
  • Follow the correct dosage as recommended by your specialist and measure the drug with measuring cup
  • Swallow the whole dosage once, do not store it for future use
  • Replace the bottle cap tightly and store it at cool place. Do not freeze it
  • Wash the measuring cup immediately after use with clean water.


What happens if I miss a dose of Generic Clarinex?

Clarinex dosing is taken to treat allergies such as cold and hives. It should be taken as suggested by your doctor and on time. It is not likeable to miss  a dosage of Clarinex otherwise your symptoms will not improve. Take it as you remember or Skip if it is a time for the next dosage. Do not take overdose.

What happens if I overdose of Clarinex Reditabs?

Overdose of Clarinex reditabs is not actually affordable. Overdose signs are dizziness, drowsiness or dry mouth or fast heart rate. If you notice such symptoms immediately call your health care provider.

What should I avoid with Clarinex d?

Consult your doctor about the diet plan and exercise plan when on the treatment of Clarinex 24 hours reditabs. Some restrictions on food and beverage are compulsory during the course of Clarinex.

What are Clarinex d 12 hour side effects?

Take immediate medicinal assistance if you notice any symptoms of an allergic reaction to Clarinex generic such as swelling on face, lips, throat, etc and other signs are hives, difficulty in breathing. Common  Clarinex medication side effects :

  • Pounding heartbeats
  • feeling like you might pass out
  • dry mouth
  • Diarrhea, nausea
  • Confusion, restless
  • jaundice
  • Seizure disorder
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Muscle pain or back pain
  • Headache, fever, or flu

The Clarinex d 24 hour side effects list is not completed here. Other symptoms can occur, inform your doctor about them. Do not start any new medicine while taking treatment for Clarinex.

Does Clarinex d interact with other drugs?

Before taking Clarinex dose, inform your physician about the other drugs you are taking for other medical issues. Such drugs include

  • Sleeping pills
  • Seizure drugs,
  • Depression, anxiety medications
  • Muscle relaxers
  • Cold and allergy drugs

Clarinex d has similar effects like Clarintin and Zyrtec. Do not take such drugs that belongs to same group of antihistamine

The above is not a completed list of medications that might interact with generic Clarinex. Some over the counter drugs, herbal products, or vitamins can effects on the body. Never start any new drug without the consultation of doctor with the treatment of Clarinex

What is the exact dosage of Clarinex?

Clarinex is used to prevent from seasonal allergies such as cold, watery eyes,  itching etc. immediately contact your doctor if you are facing any kind of rhinitis allergy.
Dosage of Clarinex depends on the age and weight of the patient
Usually doctor’s advice 5mg tablet for daily use if the child is above 12 years
Clarinex 2.5 mg tablet for 5 to 12 years children
For liquid suspension: 0.5mg to 1ml

Questions and answers

Q1. What are the precautions that I need to follow before taking clarinex d as my friend suggested me the drug for my watery eyes?

A1. Well, first of all you have to meet your doctor and take advice from him regarding the clarinex drug. as no drug should be taken without consulting your doctor, it may leave serious side effects on you. If you still wanted to continue with drug. keep in mind below instructions

  1. Do not open the drug with wet hands, dry your hands with towel.
  2. Directly place the drug into your mouth and let it dissolve
  3. Take a glass full of water after it
  4. After taking drug if you feel nauseated, drowsy or dizzy, rush to your doctor immediately
  5. Do not take the drug if you are taking other antihistamines
  6. Do not take the drug if you are allergic to clarinex ingredients
  7. Do not take the drug if you are suffering from any kidney or liver disorder
  8. Take the correct dosage of clarinex to get best results
  9. If you do not find any improvent in your health condition, consult your doctor and tell him about the drug
With clarinex Reditabs, you have to be restrict on certain food and beverages

Q2. I am giving 5mg clarinex dosage to my 13 years daughter, is it fine?

A2. Usually it is a correct dosage, 5mg clarinex once per day. Recommendation of doctor is still required

Q3. Before I was taking Zyrtec for my cold, I usually have problem of cold when season change,but now cetirizine is not working well on me, I am not getting best results from it. Are there any other drugs that can help in my situation?

A3 Zyrtec is an antihistamine and works to fight with seasonal allergies, however if your situation is not improving, you can take Clarinex D or clarintine or Allegra or Atarax for your health problem. But do not take two similar drug for cold as it might cause serious health issues. Better to contact your specialist for more directions on drug.

Q4. I feel very hectic to give Clarinex 24 hour tablet to my 7 years son, whenever I take drug in hand, he start running here and there. I have to run after him, sometime even I felt that tablet is dissolving in my hand. I didn’t like it you have any other solution for my problem?

A4. Certainly it is difficult to give a tablet to a younger child. they can never sit even if they are not well. You can try Clarinex Syrup instead of Clarinex Tablet. It is easy to feed to child

Q5. I am a working women, I have a long shift in my office, I really donot get enough time to go to pharmacy shop and buy clarinex. Can I order online?

A5. Clarinex is easily accessible online. You can search for any online reputed pharmacy and order clarinex today. Clarinex cost is not much even you can get discounts or coupons with it. Prefer to check clarinex reviews and about the pharmacy before ordering it online as few pharmacies are offering fake clarinex.

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