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Claritin for Allergy Symptoms Treatment and Control

Treatment for allergies
Do you suffer from allergies every now and then? If yes, then buy Claritin because this medicine is helpful in treating allergies without causing drowsiness or sleeping. This is an over the counter medication which is an effective antihistamine that blocks the action of allergic reactions successfully. In claritin there is a drug namely loratadine. And that’s why this medication is popularly known as loratadine Claritin. There is one more medication which is as effective as claritin and that is alavert. Both alavert claritin have good effects to treat allergy in patients.

Does claritin work in treating allergies?
The answer is yes, it does. The antihistamine effect in claritin as well as generic Claritin is quick and thus the patients get better relief from the symptoms of allergies. Also, FDA has mentioned that allegra Claritin are both safe to use as over the counter antihsitamines.

Dosage for claritin
Dosage Claritin depends upon the patient’s condition. It is on the doctor that whether he prescribes claritin d 12 hour or claritin d 24 hour. If you take 12 hour Claritin you won’t feel drowsy and will feel the effect of the medicine through out the day. It helps to have positive effect in sinus and also solves the problem of runny nose. As per normal medical guidelines, claritin 10 mg is perefect dosage for adults and kids who are above the age of 6 years.

Vital information on claritin
Alcohol and Claritin may have some interactions and therefore while you are on claritin it is recommended to avoid alcohol.

Studies are still going on over loratadine pregnancy. Lortadine being the active ingredient in claritin, it is important that when you are pregnant you should avoid this medication. And if it is an emergency then you should talk to the doctor first.

It is not safe to use allergy Claritin while you are nursing your baby. And therefore you should ask the doctor to prescribe some other medication.

What are effects of loratadine
Lortadine blocks H1 receptor and thus, the allergic reactions that occur in the body become less prominent or less strong. Since claritin has lortadine effects of Claritin are same as that of lortadine. If you wish you may even opt for generic lortadine as even they act to block the H1 receptor.

Claritin side effects
This medicine or the generic versions of the same do not have any kind of dangerous effects. Some of the most common claritin side effects include headache, dry mouth and fatigue. If apart from these side effects, you face something very serious you must immediately consult your healthcare provider.

Dog Claritin
If you have pet at home and if it faces the allergic triggers then dog claritin work for the pet. Just like human medications, the generic versions of dogs’ loratadine are also available. But since there may be loratadine interactions with other drugs that your pet already uses, you should talk to the doctor in this regards first and then only give loratadine antihistamine to your pet.

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