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What Is Glipizide -Generic Glucotrol:
Glipizide is the name of a medicine which falls in the category of generic glucotrol. The generic glipizide is a kind of oral drug that is used for the treatment of the patients suffering from Type II Diabetes. In fact both glipizide and metformin is used for the effective treatment of type II diabetes sometimes in combination and sometimes singly.

People who suffer from Type II diabetes generally have high level of glucose in their blood. The main reason for this is that the cells in the bodies are resistant to the effect of the insulin as a result of which the liver produces excessive glucose. Glipizide actually reduces the amount of blood glucose in the body by just stimulating the pancreas for the production of more insulin.

Preparations and Dosage
The preparation and the glipizide dosage are various. For the immediate release, the glipizide drug is available in the form of glipizide 5 mg and glipizide 10 mg. While on the other hand, in case of extended release, the preparation includes glipizide 2.5 mg along with the addition of the previous two. The usual staring dose for glipizide medication includes glipizide 5. This should be taken at least half an hour before meal. The maximum dosage on the other hand each day can be increased to 40mg.  If the dosage is higher than 15 mg, it should be divided accordingly.

Glipizide Side Effects
Some of the glipizide side effects include headache, nausea, diarrhea, gas and even dizziness. At times skin rashes accompany by itching might also develop. The glucotrol side effects in such cases are very mild and can be handled by the patient easily. In some very rare cases, the patient might have the chance of developing hepatitis and a low concentration of sodium. It can also cause hypoglycemia but this is usually rare.

Glipizide Metformin
The glipizide metformin are excellent in the treatment of type II diabetes. Metformin and glipizide together can prove to be effective. However metformin at times can cause a condition called lactic acidosis which can prove to be fatal. Therefore in case of any of the symptoms for lactic acidosis, the metformin glipizide should be stopped immediately and a doctor must be consulted. The glipizide metformin should always be prescribed with a proper diet as well as a good exercise program which in turn can control the high level of blood sugar in the patients suffering from Type II diabetes. The combination of the medicine actually helps the body to use the insulin more effectively.

Easy Buy Glucotrol
It’s very easy to buy glucotrol. There are various stores that deal with glipizide diabetes. In the recent days, there are several online stores as well from where generic glucotrol can be purchased. However, before that, it is essential to check out the authenticity of the sites so that the quality of the glipizide glucotrol is good and safe.

It is always recommended that a doctor must be consulted first before starting up with the dosage of glucotrol drug.

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