Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra does these words ring a bell for you? Perhaps just reading the word Viagra already sums it up. They are drugs used for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and they are the most widely known erectile dysfunction pills in the world.

So what is this erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the male (human) organ, the penis, can no longer achieve and or maintain erection before and during sexual intercourse which is also known as impotence. This will upset any women with their male partners to the fact that her guy can’t even last one round of sex. On the guys this is embarrassing. Erectile dysfunction symptoms may be consistent or noticed at intervals. A problem having an erection, apathy in sex, and problems holding erection are major known symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

It is normal to have no erection sometimes, but if it was at a regular basis then you should consult a doctor and know what the cause of this illness is. Well, as they said, knowing the cause of it will lead you to its cure. Studies Have shown that the most erectile dysfunction causes are often as a result of neurological problems, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, psychological state, arrhythmia to mention but a few. Simply, the cause of impotence is due to the factors relating to age, physical, and psychological. According to some research, ED has been found to be more common to men between the ages of 60 and above. Also there are finding that most between the ages of 30 and 40 have this medical condition . For Young men, erectile dysfunction is mostly diagnosed that is attributed to their psychological conditions.

Treatments, cure or therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

So for the cure for erectile dysfunction is of different type. Apparently there are various types of erectile dysfunction drugs out in the market. There are erectile dysfunction drugs, natural remedies, and OTC or over the counter drugs. Erectile dysfunction medications are only accessible to prescriptions but in the recent times, over the counter erectile dysfunction pills are available mainly due to the high demand by millions of men. Different generic erectile dysfunction pills come in diverse forms such as erectile dysfunction cream, sprays and tablets. However, there are natural remedies for this condition such includes counseling and change of lifestyles which are offered and provided by health centers. Patients also use supplements to help erectile dysfunction treatment such as zinc and vitamins. Zinc inhibits the conversion to testosterone to estrogen pathways therefore causing the sustainability of testosterone in the system. Some prefer the erectile dysfunction natural remedies which involve a lot of measures to overcoming erectile dysfunction naturally. Apart from the change of lifestyle and counselling they include the observation of erectile dysfunction diet and exercises , while the patients are also using a supplement to erectile dysfunction which is strictly regarded as natural herbs for the condition.

Among all the products, the natural herb for erectile dysfunction are considered by most patients as the best cure for erectile dysfunction due to its alleged minimal side effects and the natural tag . However, the best treatment for erectile dysfunction are to be determined by every individual’s system and level of ED. While observing erectile dysfunction diet, patients are placed on best foods for erectile dysfunction as well as the well-known over the counter erectile dysfunction medication. This type of erectile dysfunction drugs which are very conventional due to the fact they can be bought online and without prescription. OTC erectile dysfunction meds includes L-arginine which is a pill for erectile dysfunction that works like the conventional drugs- by increasing blood flow, Ginseng, Yohimbe, Melanotan-II and Propionyl-L-Carnitine. Ginseng is widely known by locals for that matter and it also serves as one among the best supplements. While it’s easy to get these erectile dysfunction pills over the counter, the US Food and Drug Administration holds a high warning against the use of over the counter remedies for erectile dysfunction, particularly those regarded as natural erectile dysfunction supplements.

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