Chloromycetin for Treatment of Bacterial Eye Infections

Use of chloramphenicol eye drop or Chloromycetin

Chloromycetin is the prescription medication which comes in the form of eye ointment as well as eye drops. Chloramphenicol is the active substance that exists in the ointment as well as eye drops. If you wish to buy the generic version then you may opt for buying any chloramphenicol eye drops without brand name. Chloramphenicol is an effective antibiotic which helps in treating the bacterial infections that are caused to eyes. You should directly apply the medication in the eyes so that the action of chloramphenicol directly affects the bacteria and kills them. In medical terms you can diagnose the bacterial eye infection by inflammation. And to reduce this inflammation chloramphenicol drops works wonders.

Vital instructions while using this eye drops

You should buy chloramphenicol with doctor’s instructions and prescriptions. Remember, these eye drops are to be administered in the eyes. It should never be taken with mouth.

Due to chloramphenicol action when these eye drops are administered, there is blurred vision for sometime. Do not panic.

You should use chloramphenicol antibiotic drops for the time as prescribed by the doctor. Do not leave the course in between.

If chloramphenicol eye ointment gives you some kind of allergic reactions, then you should immediately talk to your doctor in this connection.

Chloramphenicol concentration should be stored in a refrigerator at 2° to 8°C.

You should not use chloromycetin for the period longer than that prescribed.

Avoid wearing contact lenses while you are on chloramphenicol solution.

Other health conditions

If you are allergic to any ingredient as present in chloromycetin or chloramphenicol ointment then you should avoid using the drops as this may make the situation worse.

If you have had past history of chloramphenicol resistance then you should avoid using the same.

In case if you are pregnant or breast feeding then in that case, you should talk to your doctor in connection to chloromycetin eye drops.

Chloromycetin may even react with other drugs or eye ointments that you are using. Thus, use it only after detailed discussion with your doctor.

If there is some other eye drops you are using them put antibiotic chloramphenicol or chloromycetin with a time gap of at least 5-10 minutes.

Side effects of chloromycetin

Chloramphenicol side effects have a few side effects. However, they are not too dangerous. There may be tingling sensation or burning sensation in the eyes. Chloromycetin eye drops are studied to affect some people negatively with a few mild and moderate side effects. For them seeking medical attention will be the best option.

Online Buying

Chloramphenicol mechanism mainly works towards fighting with bacterial infections. If you search online you will find many brands of chloramphenicol like chloromycetin as well as generic versions. You may select the one which your doctor has prescribed for you and buy the same. Sometimes online deals of chloramphenicol eye are quite affordable as there may be some amazing discount schemes. Chloromycetin eye ointment and certain generic versions are popular in the medicine market as they are quite effective in treatment.