Clarinex: An Effective Antihistamine Mainly For Allergies

What is Clarinex for?

Clarinex is an antihistamine which is mainly used for blocking the action of the substance that is released on account of allergies in the body. Whether you have seasonal or all year allergies, you can use Clarinex on doctor’s prescription.

Reducing symptoms of allergic reactions

If you have allergic reaction in the body then mostly you may have runny nose, mild asthma, burning eyes and sneezing. It may even lead to consistent itching on the skin and redness and rashes on the skin. Some people may even have hives. Talk to your doctor and buy clarinex. If you have asthma, then you may use this medication for temporary relief. However, clarinex drug is not an approved asthma treatment. You should talk to the doctor in this regards.

Clarinex information

If the recommended clarinex dosage is taken then it won’t make you feel drowsy and sleepy. In Clarinex there is an active ingredient named desloratadine. If you wish to know as to what is desloratadine then the answer is, it is a drug which is mainly used in treating the allergic reactions. But there are a few side effects too that are associated with clarinex medication and that are, nausea, fatigue and dry mouth. Many people who use clarinex 5mg complain about such mild side effects. clarinex medicine is also available in the dosage of 2.5mg. It is the doctor who decides as to which dosage tablets are apt for you. Clarinex is also available in the form of syrup and it is apt for the children between 6 years to 11 years.

Difference between Clarinex and Claritin

As far as clarinex vs claritin is concerned, it is important to note that Clarinex is available only with prescription of your doctor and Claritin is an over the counter medication that does not require doctor’s prescription. Both of them are equally effective. Thus, there is not much difference between the clarinex claritin working.

Buy clarinex online

If your doctor has prescribed you to take clarinex then you can buy it from online medicine stores too. This is because, you can get the product delivery at your door step and that too with some discounted rates. Cheap clarinex can reduce your over all clarinex cost.

Clarinex drug interactions

Whether you are buying clarinex tablets or clarinex generic, it is vital to have some important information about the medication. Clarinex interactions are something to look into. You may not be aware as to whether clarinex mg affects you if you are also taking other medications. And that’s why you should talk to your doctor in regards to interactions and side effects clarinex.

Other Antihistamine

Aerius desloratadine is also a popular antihistamine. It helps to fight nasal congestion and helps in giving fast relief from allergies. This is an over the counter medication that can be bought without doctor’s prescription. You may even find generic desloratadine tablets in the medicine market. They are equally effective. Both desloratadine 5 mg and clarinex 5 mg are equally effective in allergy symptom reduction.