Cytoxan: Chemotherapy Treatment for Patients Having Cancer

Cytoxan chemotherapy

Today with advent of many newer chemotherapy drugs cytoxan has become an old chemotherapy drug. Chemotherapy cytoxan comes in the form of tablet and also in the form of powder that is white in color. Cytoxan dose is given in leukemia, breatscancer, ovarian cancer etc. The medication has cyclophosphamide as the active drug. Cyclophosphamide cytoxan can be taken orally with water or it can also be given via injections. It is important to note that cytoxan is the brand name and cyclophosphamide is generic.

Side effects cyclophosphamide

Side effects of cyclophosphamide include vomiting, anemia, severe hair loss, bladder bleeding, low count of white blood cells and platelets. These side effects are quite common with cyclophosphamide chemotherapy but still, you should keep constant touch with your doctor to report him various side effects that you face.

Drug interactions of medication

Cytoxan is studied to have drug interactions with various medications. And thus, you should talk to your doctor ands tell him about all the medications you are taking along with health supplements, if any, before starting this tablet course.

Dosage of cytoxan

Cytoxan dosage differs from patient to patient. This is because, different patients may have different types of cancer, different immunity and there is difference in height and weight too. Also, it depends upon the physician as to what kind of cyclophosphamide treatment he find apt for a particular patient. Some patients take oral cyclophosphamide while some take it via IV. You should never adjust cyclophosphamide dose cytoxan on your own. This can be fatal. Thrive on the instructions and prescribed dosage your healthcare provider has suggested for you. For some patients there may be cytoxan to be taken everyday while for some it may be twice in one week. Thus, it differs from patient to patient.

Other uses of cyclophosphamide oral

Apart from treating various cancers, generic cytoxan or cytoxan drug also helps in treating rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. It is also useful in various other health disorders which the healthcare provider may feel apt.

Directions of use

Since your doctor has prescribed cyclophosphamide for your health, you should note that cyclophosphamide   generic or cytoxan is quite powerful. While you are on cytoxan and other related cancer medication, you should take enough of fluid so, that the kidneys can get rid of the toxic drug soon. Accumulation of the drug in the body can be harmful and can lead to various side effects.

There are chances that cyclophosphamide side effects may lead to vomits and nausea. But you should not stop the cytoxan drug or chemotherapy cyclophosphamide drug. This is because missing out the dose will hamper the treatment. Contact your doctor soon when you have missed a dose or feel too much discomfort with the medication therapy.

You should also make a few changes in your diet while you are on cytoxan. Rather than having one or two large meals you should have frequent smaller meals. This will help you to get rid of fatigue and nausea.