Generic Astelin (Azelastine)

Astelin is an effective medication used to relieve nasal symptoms such as stuffy, itching and running nose. It also used for conditions such as sneezing, as well as post-nasal drip produced by allergies or any other condition.

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Astelin (An effective antihistamine medication)

Histamines are natural chemicals produced by the immune system. They begin the process that gets those allergens off your skin and body and can also make you itch and sneeze. In fact, they do whatever necessary as a member of your body’s defense system to keep you safe. Your immune system knows when you come across your allergy trigger, which makes it to launches a chain reaction aimed at defending you. Although the intention of the body to protect you is good but its overreaction will eventually create allergy symptoms, which will cause you to use antihistamine that can help to stop those symptoms.

Histamine Symptoms and How Astelin Can Help

Histamine can produce different symptoms which can cause discomfort. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes

Antihistamines help to reduce the effects of the chemical called histamine, produced in the body. Astelin (Azelastine) is an antihistamine commonly used to reduce the effect of histamine.

Astelin Nasal can help to prevent a runny nose, sneezing, itching, as well as other nasal related symptoms that show signs of allergic reaction.

Astelin Nasal Spray for Adults and Children

Asteline Spray is used to prevent seasonal allergies in both adults and children. It is used for children with this condition who are as young as 2 years. For adults, the medication is used to treat year-round allergies. On the other hand, the drug can also be used to treat year-round allergies in children who are 6 months old.

Astelin Generic Availability

Astelin price is the main factor that distinguishes the generic from the brand version. While the Astelin nose spray, which is the brand version cost about $70 for a single supply of 30 milliliters, the generic Astelin is cheaper. Both the generic and brand version have the same strength and works the same way. That’s why people who are on a low budget prefer to use the generic version because it is more affordable.  The Astelin Generic name is Azelastine.

Instructions on How to Use Astelin

Before you start using Astelin or go for a refill, read the information on the patient leaflet thoroughly to have more understanding about the medication

Remember to blow your nose gently before you start using this medication, and use it in the nose according to your doctor’s instructions. Do not allow the spray to get into your eyes or mouth and to avoid having a bitter taste in your mouth, gently breathe in and don’t tilt your head backward after use.

Buy Astelin online

There is a generic for Astelin and there is also a brand version. You can buy both drugs online from the comfort of your home and at a cheaper rate. However, both the generic and brand drug works the same way and have the same effect. But in terms of price, the generic drug is cheaper.

Before you buy Astelin otc online, find out if the online pharmacy store is genuine and also do proper research to get the best price. Buy your antihistamine from a trusted online pharmacy that sells genuine drugs.


This medication is awesome. I just started it today and I can tell my nasal inflammation is going down.  Wow, what a relief!


I have been dealing with issues of allergies all my life and have also used many drugs without results. Astelin is a very effective drug and has worked well for me. Although Astelin has a bad aftertaste but it doesn’t matter to me because the relief is more important to me compared to that.


This drug works far better than Flonase for me, especially when taken daily. Aside from the tickle in my nose and the bad aftertaste, this drug saved me and I am glad. The brand version was too costly for me so I switched to the generic version but still the result is the same.