Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine)

Clarinex is an antihistimine that helps to relieve allergic symptoms caused by histamine. It helps to stop allergic symptoms such as watery and itchy eyes, running nose, hives and sneezing.

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Clarinex – Medical facts about Histamine

Histamine is released when the body faces an allergic reaction. Although the substance is good because it helps to keep the body safe, but too much of it can cause common allergy symptoms. When an allergen finds its way into the body when inhaled or enters through the skin, the immune system quickly identifies the substance as something dangerous. This causes it to create antibodies which attack the substance. The mast cells are usually affected by the antibodies which cause the release of histamine. Histamine then causes inflammation to increase and also constricts the smooth muscle.

Allergic reaction symptoms caused by Histamine – What can Clarinex do?

It is already established that too much histamine will cause allergic symptoms which may not go down well with some people. Histamine can affect certain parts of the body such as nasal passages, eyes, skin, throat, and airways. When its concentration in the nasal passages is high, histamine can cause a runny nose, nasal congestion and excessive sneezing. The throat and eyes can also become irritated and inflamed, causing watery eyes as well as a scratchy throat.

Although this condition caused by histamine can be very discomforting but it can be managed or prevented especially when the right type of antihistamine medication is used.

Clarinex is an effect antihistamine used to relieve allergic symptoms caused by the substance, histamine. The symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Itching noise
  • Hives and itching

How Clarinex tablets works

Clarinex 5mg works by simply blocking the substance (histamine) which the body produces during an allergic reaction.

Clarinex Generic – Is it available?

This is a generic for Clarinex approved by the FDA and it is called Desloratadine. But that doesn’t mean the drug will be available for the period the patent of the brand drug is still on. Although the drug may not be sold in places where the patent applies, one can buy Clarinex otc from other pharmacy stores
Generic Clarinex has the same strength as the brand version. Both drugs are equal and have the same effect when consumed.

Clarinex price is what differentiates the generic from the brand drug. The brand drug is more expensive than the generic version. The solution (2.5mL/5mL) of the brand drug cost about $370 for a supply of 480 milliliters but the generic version is more budget-friendly.

The price of this drug also varies from one pharmacy to another that’s why it is necessary to perform proper research to know which pharmacy offers the best price for Clarinex over the counter.

Clarinex Dosage Information

Clarinex is available as oral solution and tablet form. And both forms can also be taken without food. It is important for you to take this medication as the doctor instructs. Do not take larger or smaller quantities for a period longer than recommended.

This drug is usually taken once a day, but you should follow your doctor’s instructions if told otherwise.

Also, do not, crush, break or chew the Clarinex tablet. Make sure you swallow whole.

Use a special dose-measuring cup or spoon to measure Clarinex liquid form and not the regular spoon. And if you do not have the right spoon or cup for measuring, ask your pharmacist for help.

Buy Clarinex – Online VS local pharmacy stores

There are two things people look at before purchasing items like drugs. One is the price and the other is the quality of the drug. In terms of price, many online pharmacy stores have been doing greatly, as drugs are sold cheap online compared to what the drug is sold at local pharmacy stores.

You can buy Clarinex at a more affordable price online and there are also many reputable online pharmacy stores that offer coupons and discounts which make the drug cheaper.

In addition to price, one should also consider the authenticity of the online pharmacy store he or she wishes to buy from. In order to be sure the drug is of good quality, buy from a trusted online pharmacy store.

Testimonies of customers who bought this drug

My daughter has terrible allergies that were just draining down her throat. We continued visiting the doctor because I thought she had something more serious. It was a sinus infection and was really massive. But luckily for us, he switched us to Clarinex and so far so good, all of our problems have been solved.


My eyes get extremely itchy every year, especially in the month of March. This usually last for about three weeks and my eyes end up turning red. I have used all manner of eye drops, which only gives me minimal relief but the first year I gave Clarinex a shot, the itchiness left about an hour after my first dose.