Generic Epivir (Lamivudine)

Epivir, which is sometimes called Lamivudine, is an antiviral drug that was produced for the treatment and prevention of hepatitis B and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The purpose of the drug is to stop the reproduction of the HIV in the body of the patient.

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A Strong and Effective Drug Therapy for Hepatitis B and HIV

For a very long time, the deadliest disease evolution – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome has been established to progress from Human Immune Virus (HIV), which is a deadly virus. It is sad that a lot of people have been killed by the horrible virus, with a lot of individuals still alive, but victims of the virus. There is currently no cure for the ailment. A lot of failed trials were initially carried out towards curing the ailment. With the failure of the trials, antiretroviral drugs with the ability to manage the health of victims were invented, so that they can live longer. The first drug therapy for HIV was done by inhibiting nucleoside reverse transcriptase. In 1987, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the therapy. It was an antiviral vaccine that was potent and viable in the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B and HIV spread in a victim. Epivir is the name of the drug therapy vaccine, and it was sold as Lamivudine. HIV activities are suppressed in the victim with the aid of the drug, leading to an enhanced condition of health and longer life. The aim of the virus is to kill the victim. This made it comforting and delighting that prevention or drug for managing the drugs like Epivir and other antiviral drugs have been discovered, courtesy of pharmacists. It is worthy of note that hepatitis B or HIV is not cured or prevented with the vaccine. On the contrary, it reduces and manages the horrible virus’ expansion. Epivir is also effective in preventing and managing Hepatitis B. For managing both hepatitis B and HIV, Epivir-HBV vaccine is recommended.

Properties, Composition and Structure of Epivir

Lamivudine is the chemical name of Epivir in the science world. The molecular formula of the compound is C8H11N303S. The antiviral agent’s body structure is made up of fundamental elements including Carbon, Sulphur, Oxygen, and Hydrogen that are bonded with a chemical bonds series. Lamivudine has a molecular weight of 229.254g/mol while the ratio of the acceptor counts and the bond donor is 4:2. It is gotten as crystals when ethanol is boiled. Its solubility in water is 70mg/ml and has a melting point of between 160 and 162oC. Epivir was manufactured in 2005 with adjustments in 2016. The drug is a nucleoside analog fabricated to fight hepatitis B and HIV.

How it Works

Phosphorylation aids in converting Epivir to active metabolites which are lamivudine triphosphate and lamivudine monophosphate. HIV-1 reverse transcriptase’s DNA chain is terminated by the L-TP metabolite.

Possible side effects of using Epivir

Adverse effects including diarrhea, abnormal function tests of the liver, sneezing, nose blockage and sore throat could be generated. It is advisable to see a physician for professional advice.

Precautions and warnings

If you notice any allergic reactions, you should stop taking the drugs immediately. Other adverse effects include nausea, stomach disorder and improper breathing amongst others. You should ensure that you follow the prescription properly and contact a physician.


To treat HIV and hepatitis B in adults, take 100mg of the drug once a day. For children between ages 2 and 17, give them 3mg for every kg they weight, but the total should not exceed 100mg. It is possible to give the medication in solution form. The solution can be used when prescribed dosage is below 100 mg. You must not eat before taking the drug.


Bayne: I have been taking the drugs for 18 years, even though I have had breaks in between. The drug is easy to take, and I did not experience any side effects or resistance.

Satisfied Spouse: My spouse has used Epivir-HBV for about 17 years. We have a child who is aged 12, given birth to during this period. Everything has been fine, and our lives have been normal.