Generic Rebetol (Ribavirin)

Ribavirin is an effective drug for preventing and treating hepatitis C and hemorrhagic fevers. The drug has a reputation of been effective in treating various hemorrhagic fevers that people are suffering from. It is also possible to take it alongside other antiviral vaccines to prevent and manage fatal viral infections. Ribavirin can stop virus formation in people that are infected

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Ribavirin Antiviral Vaccine

Ribavirin is a strong vaccine that was created for the prevention, treatment and management of hepatitis C and a lot of hemorrhagic fevers that are usually fatal on patients. It is currently the singular drug with the ability to treat different hemorrhagic fevers. The drug has been a life saver as it has saved a lot of victims of these viral infections that would have long been dead. The producers of the drug have therefore been a very great blessing to humanity. Ribavirin is not a cure for the ailments but help in enhancing the health condition of victims by reducing the virus activity in their system. The RNA chain is broken by the drug, thereby stopping the multiplication and replication of the virus. Common hemorrhagic fevers that ribavirin has been used to treat include Crimean-congo fever, the common Lassa fever, Hantavirus and Venezuelan fever. Other equally fatal infections by a virus can also be managed when ribavirin is used alongside other antiviral drugs. Some examples of these combinations include with dormicum, symmetrel and ketamine for the treatment of rabies.

Origin of Ribavirin

Joseph T Witkovski first discovered Ribavirin about 44 years ago while working with Ronald K. Robins. They suggested that RNA replication could be interrupted by guanosine analog, thereby giving it the ability to inhibit nucleoside. It is currently listed among the essential medicines after it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Ribavirin is also effective for treating Herpes simplex virus. It has been proven that treatment with ribavirin therapy was more effective for Herpes infections compared to administration of placebo therapy.

Properties and Chemical Structure of Ribavirin

Ribavirin chemical structure consists of important chemical elements including Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Ribavirin molecular formula is given as C8H18N4O5 with covalent and hydrogen bonds. The chemical name of the drug is known as rebetol. The value of the molecular weight and monoisotopic mass is 244.207g/mol and 244.081g/mol respectively. The ratio of the hydrogen acceptor and blood donor counts is 4:7. It is tasteless, odorless and tasteless. Its solubility value in water is 142mg/ml while it has a melting point of between 166 and 168oC. When it changes to purine RNA nucleotides, it can stop the production of RNA. There is no currently explained technique of how Ribavirin can stop virus replication, even though there have been some suggestions.

Side Effects

Some side effects of using the drug include hemolytic, nervousness, insomnia, hemoglobin reduction and anemia. Some effects that have also been noticed include restlessness, nausea feeling, pains, feverish feeling and diarrhea. If you notice any of these side effects after taking Ribavirin, you should see a doctor immediately. There are some of the effects that do not need medical attention.

Dosage Information

When used alongside peginterferon alfa-2a, Ribavirin can be used to treat genotypes 1 and 4 of hepatitis in people who are infected and have a weight that is not up to 75kg. Taking 1000mg every day for 48 weeks is recommended. You can take 500mg twice a day to get the daily 1000mg. If you have genotypes 2 and 3 of hepatitis C, you can take 800mg every day for 24 weeks. You should take 800mg for 48 weeks if you have HIV. Children older than three years can be given 15mg/kg, along with peginterferon alfa-2b.

Precautions and warnings

Do not use Ribavirin alone for treatment of chronic hepatitis C. You should use a lesser dosage if you have renal impairment. For best results, follow the prescription of the doctor.


Amidst: I took Ribavirin alongside Pegasys interferon. Even though I had mild side effects, it was very effective.

RJGatzk: I was cured of the virus after taking Rebetol alongside PegInteron for 48 weeks. I felt extreme fatigue when the treatment was coming to an end and some symptoms of flu.